I'm Shanna.

Creative Visionary

01. Intro

I'm Shanna - a problem-solving designer and developer. I work hard to create outstanding and engaging designs that fulfill users needs. A self-driven hybrid uncommon in the creative/tech community. Innovative, loyal, enterprising and forward-thinking artist with a creative spark.

Right Brain

Creative, curious
& intuitive.

Does it bother you that this is on the left side of your screen?

Left Brain

Analytical & objective
with attention to detail.

Sharp Eye

Keen vision
with a creative spark.

02. Collaboration

I am the Art Director at Hillsdale College. I lead a rockstar team, creating beautiful designs.

Occasionally, I take on a side hustlereach out if you'd like to work together.

With 15+ years experience in the design industry, I bring the knowledge of creative strategy, visual direction, management, and strategic communication to the table. To date, my work has been published in three industry design books.

03. Projects

Project 01. Francie Pants
Type Illustration
Project 02. Francie Pants Packaging
Type Print
Project 03. Pinelope
Type App
Project 04. Brick Popper
Type Brand
Project 05. nMotion Brand
Type print
Project 06. Fulcrum Biz Cards
Type Print
Project 07. CYSC App
Type App
Project 08. Grablet
Type Brand
Project 09. Grablet Ecommerce
Type web
Project 10. UBS Customer Card
Type Print
Project 11. Anarchy Cables Brand
Type Brand
Project 12. Fulcrum
Type all

04. My Toolbox

Visual Design 001.
Creative Strategy 002.
Mobile Development 003.
Print Design 004.
UX Design 005.
Art Direction 006.
Brand Identity 007.
Web Development 008.
Photography 009.
Making 010.
Doing 011.
Dreaming 012.

05. Insta Shan

- just a few of my recent favorite Instagram shots...
15+ Years Design &
Dev Experience
9 Mobile Apps
3 Projects published
in industry books
1 Incredible
10 fantastic kids
(yes 10)
Coming to Fruition

"Shanna is an incredibly talented Creative Director. I have worked with her on several large-scale projects over the years and have always been impressed by her passion for design, her ability to innovate and create and her final results. Her inspired vision and thorough execution are second to none. I enthusiastically recommend, without reservation, Shanna and her talents, her imaginative, impactful and artistic creations."

Jimi Marshall - Stephen Gould Corporation

"Shanna is definitely a Utopian hybrid, hard to find in most IT/design environments. While she can interpret and debug back end code; she also ensures that UI applications are user friendly and intuitive. She possesses excellent work ethics, able to adapt to any organizational culture. More importantly, she is always willing to help outside her scope of support or assigned duties. She helped me tremendously to identify and verify unexpected behaviors and deficiencies within the Software from a Quality Assurance perspective. Shanna will definitely become a technical+design asset for any company."

Alex Villegas - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

"Shanna is one of the most creative people I know. She’s always willing to put in the extra effort to get a job done right, and make it look great. Shanna is a tremendous asset and a great person to work with."

Eric Gregory - Total Server Solutions/COLO@

06. Let's talk

I love hearing from new friends and old. Feel free to drop me a line: shan@justshan.com

Thanks for swinging by to learn a little about me.

Keep dreaming!